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Improving Our Infrastructure

From talking with so many of you across our community, it is clear that you see the need for significant infrastructure improvements in West Windsor, including road repairs, bicycle and pedestrian enhancements, sidewalk extensions and replacement, and tree pruning.


We fully agree! One of our major priorities is to increase spending to upgrade the Township’s infrastructure.


Many residential roads are deteriorating due to age, and it is time to address the problem more aggressively. This past year, the Township’s engineering department worked with a consultant to review and prioritize locations for replacing deteriorated roads. This report is a guide for prioritizing road construction to be completed through funding in our annual Capital Improvement Program.


With the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, residents are walking more every day. Many of you have noticed that our sidewalks have been raised by the roots of Township trees. Funding has been increased to $125,000 in the 2021 capital budget to address this problem. While this amount is earmarked to replace sidewalks of those residents who have notified the township, we pledge to have an in-depth evaluation of residential sidewalks in all areas in order to develop a more comprehensive plan to fix this serious safety issue.


Under the direction of Mayor Marathe and the Council, West Windsor has recently adopted a proactive program of replacing dead or damaged street trees with trees that are less likely to grow large surface root systems. To further protect our sidewalks, we are installing special root barriers as we replant. Further evaluation of tree options is being pursued by the West Windsor Shade Tree Commission as well as the Township’s Landscape Architect. We support these actions to prevent future problems as we work to replace damaged sidewalks.


Residents are also riding bicycles more now. This year, $100,000 was added to the capital budget for the bike lane extension program. Our goal is to increase connectivity as much as possible throughout the Township. Furthermore, while you are walking and bicycling, we pledge to have more Township trees pruned in a timely manner to avoid possible problems.


The Township will continue to pursue grant funding from various sources as part of our efforts to lessen the tax burden on residents.


The Township’s infrastructure is important to all of us, and we intend to improve it with all means at our disposal.

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